Monday, May 5, 2014


1 #NoFilter Every woman wants to look flawless. For those of us who didnt hit the genetic lottery for todays beauty standards, contouring could change everything!


2 Night and Day You could not convince most people that this is the same person! With the colorful contacts, she looks like shes barely even related to the woman underneath all of that makeup! 


3 Red Lip Red lipstick is a quick way to transform any look. In this case, its one of the last things you notice because the rest of the makeup has had such a dramatic effect. 


4 Nature to Glam This woman is a natural beauty with a lot of the simple beauty issues a lot of woman have. The glam eye is a bit too much but we definitely wouldnt think this was the same person.


 5 Baby Blues In the first photo she looks like she could be a pretty teenager. In the final photo she looks much more mature and put together but thats got to be a lot of makeup to hide those freckles so well!


 6 Milas Makeup It should be no surprise that under all of that makeup and style, celebrities are just like us. Though shes a natural beauty, even Mila uses makeup to contour her features.


 7 Bold and Beautiful The girl in the top photo, though gorgeous, looks like she would be intimidated by the girl in the final result. She went from pretty woman to model status with a few simple brush strokes! 

8 10 Pounds Lighter This woman seems to have lost 10 pounds right before our eyes. She looked gorgeous before the contouring but after she looks thinner and even a bit younger. 
9 Flawless Skin If it werent for those gorgeous brown eyes, wed never know this was the same person! She looks like a movie star after but it probably helps that this girl already had gorgeous skin to begin with. 

10 Bat the Lashes Similar to Kim Ks signature contouring look, this dark haired beauty looks even more glamorous. Those bold lashes might be a little too much for everyday wear but the rest looks great!  


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cara-cara "Hacked Facebook" member dan update status dorang ... :)

korg mesti tau kn pasal hack atau pn hacker nih? 

hari nih jay nk kongsi kan sikit pasai hack nih.. dan cara nk hack fb kwan/bf/gf/scandel or sapa2 la..
korg ade bace tak hot fm yg kena hack aritu? pasai security depa tak kuat kot..

slalunya yg kena hack nih hacker dya akan kuar kn statement yg bukan bukan atau pn hacker akan bgtau yg meraka sedang melawat page tersebut

* contoh dihack. status anda akan update status bukan bukan.

lepas kene hack, mesti rase mcm nak sepak2 je sape yang hack FB korg tu kn?

bayang lah kalau 4juta kawan facebook korang bace status korang yang bukan2 tu padahal bukan korang pun buat status tu kan? MALU beb !

sabar ok? ni hah admin ade penyelesaian. cara nak balas dendam  nak hack facebook org lain tanpa di ketahui. comform tak de sape2 tahu yang korang hack fesbuk die lagi2 facebook orang yang mendajalkan kite tu.

mula2 sekali.. cari link target korang itu

contoh : . . . . .blablabla

dah copy?  
p/s : kepada yang tak tahu nak copy cmne;
tekan Ctrl + A,
 pastu Ctrl + C
atau rightclick + copy.

* sengal la sape tak tahu tu . hehe

dah? ok. sekarang bukak new tab.  

then sekarang paste kan ( Ctrl + V ) link tadi kat new tab korang. pastu tekan Enter.  

sekarang, target korang dah ade kat new window so mcm selamat sikit la nak buat dajal2 ni.

dah? next,  right click kat mana mana ruang dekat mangsa korang tu.
dah right click, nanti kuar la bende ala mcm kat bwh ni;

reload ... n bla bla bla

dah kua mcm atas?

next, g dekat print.

pastu print la seberapa banyak salinan yang korang nak. (di cadangkan untuk print colour la) da siap print,

dah boleh la  hack FB target korang

hehehehe.jgn mara ye~
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