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Pahang is the biggest state in Peninsular Malaysia. Pahang prides itself in its 205 km long beautiful sun soaked beaches and islands, tranquil highland resorts, a national park which comprises of 4343 sq. Km of lush tropical forest dated as far back as 130 million years, and its famous luxuriant growth of fauna and flora, serene lakes and waterfalls.
Because Pahang has so much to offer including a hot and humid climate all year round with distinct wet and dry season, the national objective of the state government is to attract tourism investment in the potential areas earmarked throughout the state. This will set Pahang to become one of the leading tourists destinations in the country. Pahang map

Place of Interest
Nature and Adventure
. Kuantan
. Gua Charah
. Gunung Tapis Park
. Indera Mahkota Agricultural Park
. Kuantan infocraft
. Lake Chini
. Sungai Kenau
. Sungai Pandan Waterfalls
. Tanjung Pelindung
. Turtle Sanctuary and Information Center
Taman Negara
(National Park)

. Taman Negara
. Jerantut
. Kota Gelanggi
Kuala Lipis
. Empang Jaleh
. Kenong Wildlife Park
. Kuala Lipis
. Merapoh
. Jeram Besu
. Lata Jarum
. Raub

Island and Beaches
Tioman Island
. Tioman Island
. Tioman Marine Park
. Tulai Island
. Nenasi Beach
Kuala Rompin
. Lanjut Beach

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