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Kelantan borders Thailand in the north-eastern part of the Penisula, and shares boundaries with Perak to the west, Pahang to the south and Terengganu to the east. The State's coastline is on the South China Sea. Traditionally, the State is a rice producer, based on the fertile, flood-prone Kelantan Delta and Plain. A large number of its inhabitants is also engaged in the fishing industry. The State is renowned for its handicrafts, cloth silverware and batik, while the tobacco industry is also important. The opening of the East-West Highway, bringing Kelantan into closer contact with the West Coast, promises to accelerate State's economic development. Kelantan map

Places of Interest
Nature and Adventure
. Balai Besar Palace
. Cultural Centre
. Cultural Zone
. Fishing Village
. Gua Musang
. Gunung Stong
. Handicraft Village and Craft Museum
. Islamic Museum
. Istana Jahar / State Museum
. Kelantan State Building
. Kuala Krai Museum and Mini Zoo
. Masjid Kampung Laut
. Merdeka Square / Kota Sultan Ismail
. Royal Museum / Istana Batu
. Second World War Memorial

. State Mosque
. Wat Phothivihan
. Waterfalls

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