Saturday, October 9, 2010


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Sabah is situated in the north-eastern part of the borneo island. It is bounded by brunei and Sarawak to the west and by indonesian kalimantan to the south. It has a coastline of 1440 km in length and in area is the second largest state in malaysia being approximately the same size as ireland. Most of the west coast is sandy and the east coast is mainly mangrove. There are in addition 38 islands with a total fringing reef of about 320 km.  Sabah map

Place of Interest
Nature and Adventure
Kota Kinabalu
. Foundation Building
. Kinabalu Park
. Longhouses
. Mengkabong Water Village
. Mount Kinabalu
. Poring Hot Springs
. Sabah State Mosque
. Sabah State Museum
. An'nur Jamek Mosque
. Financial Park
. Kampung Ayer
. Labuan
. Labuan market
. Labuan square
. Peace Park
. The Chimney
. War Memorial

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